Snowflake Data Engineer | Full Time

2T Consulting

Austin, TX

Posted On: Jun 06, 2024

Job Overview

Job Type



8 - 10 Years


Depends on Experience

Work Arrangement


Travel Requirements


Required Skills

  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
  • AWS
  • Snowflakes
Job Description
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Provide resolution to an extensive range of complicated data pipeline-related problems, proactively and as issues surface.
  • Implementing ETL pipelines within and outside of a data warehouse using Python and Snowflakes Snow SQL.
  • Development of scripts using Unix, Python, etc. for loading, extracting, and transforming data.
  • Assist with production issues in data warehouses like reloading data, transformations, and translations.
  • Develop a Database Design and Reporting Design based on Business Intelligence and Reporting requirements.
  • Create and contribute to the automation of essential processes related to infrastructure solution deployment creating repeatable and robust deployments.


Required Experience/Skills
  •  8+ years of relevant experience as a Data Engineer.
  • Strong implementation experience with a good understanding of Snowflake Architecture being able to design and implement solutions and having good experience in Snowflake performance optimization techniques.
  • Good understanding of the concept of Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD), be able to write complex queries using Self Joins, Cursors also recursive, Views/Materialized, strong in PL/SQL, etc.
  • Strong experience in SQL Performance tuning especially when dealing with large datasets in millions of data.
  • Experience with cloud computing (AWS or Google Cloud) for deployment purposes is nice.
  • Expert in Single store procedure.

Job ID: 2C240218

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Kanika Arora

Sr. Recruiter