Senior Software Java Back End Developer Engineer

  • Salary

    $55 Per Hour


6 to 12 Years

Posted On

Feb 27, 2024


Neshent Tech

Travel Requirements


Job Overview

Required Skills

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Gitflow
  • Sonar / Zally / Checkmarx
  • MVC / API gateway
  • Scrum / Kanban
  • Java / Python / Ruby / Bash / Perl / Groovy

Job Type

Contract - W2



Job Description

Job Description

  • Has ability to write secure code in three or more languages (e.g., Java, .NET, JavaScript, SQL)
  • Familiar with secure coding standards (e.g., OWASP, CWE, SEI CERT) and vulnerability management
  • Infrastructure as code and cloud first software development knowledge experience preferred.
  • Understands and implements standard branching (e.g., Gitflow) and peer review practices.
  • Move the team towards trunk based development
  • Apply tools (e.g., Sonar, Zally, Checkmarx ) and techniques to scan and measure code quality and anti-patterns as part of development activity
  • Has skills in test driven and behavior driven development (TDD and BDD) to build just enough code and collaborate on the desired functionality.
  • Ability to keep the full testing pyramid healthy
  • Has skills to author test code with lots of smaller tests followed by few contract tests at service level and fewer journey tests at the integration level
  • Understands the use of basic design patterns (e.g., factory, adaptor, singleton, composite, observer, strategy, inversion of control)
  • Understands use cases for advanced design patterns (e.g., service-to-worker, MVC, API gateway, intercepting filter, dependency injection, lazy loading, all from the gang of four) to implement efficient code
  • Understands and implements Application Programming Interface (API) standards and cataloging to drive API/service adoption and commercialization and effort estimation
  • Experienced in agile and modern SDLC practices (Scrum/Kanban/Continuous Delivery/DevOps/Quality engineering) and the delivery situations they are used for
  • Has skills to elaborate and estimate non-functional requirements, including security (e.g., data protection, authentication, authorization), regulatory, and performance (SLAs, throughput, transactions per second)
  • Has skills to orchestrate release workflows and pipelines, and apply standardized pipelines via APIs to achieve CI and CD using industry standard tools (e.g., Jenkins, AWS/Azure pipelines, XL Release, others).
  • Familiar with different application patterns to implement different types of business processes (e.g., APIs, event-driven-services, batch-services, web-applications, big data)
  • Experience in Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) concepts, and capabilities to support automation, pipelines, virtualization, and containerization
  • Has ability to write code (in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Bash, Perl, Groovy) to build automation tasks that are repeatable and efficient
  • Able to perform debugging and troubleshooting to analyze core, heap, thread dumps and remove coding errors
  • Has skills to conduct product demos and co-ordinate with product owners to drive product acceptance signoffs
  • Has skills to Understands customer journeys and ensure a good experience by continuously reducing Mean time to mitigate (MTTM) for incidents and ensuring high availability (99.95% as a starting point)

Job ID: NT240061

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    Michelle Williams


HR Manager


Neshent Technologies

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Apr 22, 2024

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Feb 27, 2024

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