SAP PI/PO Developer

TechVilla Solutions

Atlanta, GA

Posted On: Jun 17, 2024

Job Overview

Job Type



8 - 10 Years


Depends on Experience

Work Arrangement


Travel Requirements


Required Skills

  • SAP PO
  • SSL
  • XML
  • JSON
  • APIs
  • JDBC
  • SFTP
Job Description
  • Designing and configuring communication channels, mappings, and message flows within SAP PO.
  • Establish connections with different systems and handle message exchange.
  • Understanding how to establish connections with different systems and handle message exchange
  • Understanding authentication protocols like SAML, OAuth, and SSL, and how to configure them in SAP PO.
  • Transform data structures, perform field-level mappings, and apply data validation and enrichment during the mapping process.


  • Strong knowledge of integration technologies such as XML, XSLT, SOAP, REST, JSON, and relevant protocols (HTTP, FTP, SFTP, etc.).
  • Experience in configuring and utilizing various adapters available in SAP PO, such as SOAP, REST, IDOC, RFC, JDBC, SFTP, JMS, and File.
  • Proficiency in using SAP PO's mapping capabilities, including graphical mapping tools like the Graphical Mapping Editor.
  • Knowledge of securing integration scenarios using encryption, digital signatures, and other security mechanisms.

Job ID: TS240231

Posted By

Jiya Sharma

Sr. HR