Perimeter Security Engineer

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    $100,000 - $110,000 Per Year


5 to 12 Years

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Feb 01, 2023


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Job Overview

Required Skills

  • firewalls
  • network security
  • SIRT
  • perimeter
  • 3PASWG
  • CCR
  • Perimeter Security Operations

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Tampa, FL/ Irving, TX

Job Description

Primary Skill

  • This position will be responsible for reviewing requests for application connectivity through Perimeter Security Operations (PSO) managed firewalls, review of the documentation for registering the connectivity in the  Connectivity Registry (CCR), facilitating the review of connectivity on the Third Party Access Solutions Working Group (3PASWG) Weekly Call, as required.
  • Determine additional ports or services that require review.
  • Provide technical guidance to other team External Connectivity teams.
  • Work with the OTRC IT Risk Analysis team to ensure risks are properly documented in CAPs and Risk Exceptions.
  • Will work with client organizations, Helpdesk and other CTI groups to ensure all firewall and ACL related troubles are corrected and documented in a timely manner.
  • Team member must have the ability to document any new policies and/or procedures in the appropriate format.
  • Work with other group members to ensure that the Process Control Management documentation and other documentations (drawings, databases, spreadsheets, etc.) are up to date and accurate.  
  • Facilitate the quarterly Global Website Access Governance Committee (GWAGC) meeting which is a Global process for implementing a perimeter infrastructure that provides the capability for blocking access to Internet sites that are deemed to be non-business related or present an Information Security risk.
  • Research new and current security technologies and quantify the relative risk mitigation resulting from their implementation.
  • Participate in SIRT and other security incidents as required.  
  • Research or assist in the research of the marketplace.



  • A broad-based background in relevant technologies from a SECRUITY perspective (IE, desktop, virtualized PC environments, OS lockdown, deployment and standardization, virus/malware prevention, Host protection alternatives, patch management, network security including scanning, detecting, and altering strategies, firewalls and intrusion system and network control) as well as subject matter expertise in some of them.
  • A comprehensive background in networking (data and voice) and network security is a must.
  • In addition, some operational experience in responding to vulnerabilities, attempted exploits and across global and diverse network topologies and the evaluation and quantification of relative security risk and vulnerability assessment with respect to specific technologies is required.

Job ID: NT000141

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