DataDog SME

  • Salary

    $100,000 - $110,000 Per Year


5 to 10 Years

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Mar 02, 2023


Neshent Tech

Travel Requirements


Job Overview

Required Skills

  • Datadog
  • CMIC
  • Centrify
  • AD process monitoring

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Tampa, FL(Remote)

Job Description

Technical / Functional Skills 

  • Review current DataDog setup, configurations, and integrations to include 
  • CPU, Disk and Memory metrics, dashboards, logging, and alerting 
  • CMIC (home grown tool) and DataDog integration flow o Centrify –> internal AD process monitoring 
  • Benchmarking; anomaly alerting off benchmarks 
  • Existing agents roll out process 
  • DataDog tagging nomenclature 
  • Third-party integrations if any 
  • Health check and best practices gap analysis 
  • Remediation plan to address issues identified in the health check report
  • Remediate issues identified in the health check report · 
  • Implement automated agents roll out process
  • Implement automated and repeatable process to create alarms, metrics, health check monitors for onboarding new resources to DataDog
  • Create process documentation
  • Improve CMIC and DataDog integration flow
  • Implement Centrify –> internal AD process monitoring


Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Roles API is used to create and manage Datadog roles, what global permissions they grant, and which users belong to them.
  • Permissions related to specific account assets can be granted to roles in the Datadog application without using this API. 
  • For example, granting read access on a specific log index to a role can be done in Datadog from the Pipelines page.
  • Work with product managers, engineers, and data scientists to understand how our customers use Datadog and what they need to succeed
  • See your design work through from start to finish: turn insights from user research into ideas, sketch and prototype to bring them to life, and ship products and features that make Datadog better
  • Support several product teams, and a wide variety of datasets, with explorations and prototypes for new visualizations, and improvements to existing viz, using code and real data


Job ID: NT230001

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    Michelle Williams


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Neshent Technologies

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Nov 27, 2023

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Mar 02, 2023

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