AWS Admin

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    $120,000 - $130,000 Per Year


8 to 15 Years

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Jun 02, 2023


2T Consulting

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Job Overview

Required Skills

  • AWS
  • CloudWatch
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • Commercial Cloud Services / C2S
  • AWS Administrator
  • NISP
  • VPC

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Work Authorization



Irvine, CA

Job Description

Technical / Functional Skills

  • To establish metrics and carefully monitor the health/utilization of AWS resources on a wide scale by making use of highly sophisticated Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Maintaining a backup of the resources is another important responsibility.
  • The administrator has to perform AWS on-premise resources backup from time to time by making extensive use of AWS services.
  • In order to shorten the time required for the production, he should be capable of deploying automation infrastructure by utilizing the AWS Cloud Formation technique.
  • It is his responsibility to optimize the resources & work on resource tagging to allocate costs and for carefully planning of budgeting, governance, and reporting.
  • Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) is an integral part of AWS.
  • Creating effective presentations that support C2S overviews is the duty of AWS Administrator himself.
  • Creating and managing VPC, URL proxies, C2S access points & as well as Bastion Hosts.
  • To communicate with the NISP network team in order to finalize the network connections for the clients VPCs.
  • To effectively monitor billing and to develop cost optimization strategies.
  • To monitor the availability and to measure the extent of performance.
  • To manage disaster recovery processes

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Jun 02, 2023

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