Auth0/OKTA Solutions Architect

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    $150,000 - $160,000 Per Year


10 to 15 Years

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Jan 31, 2023


Techvilla Solutions

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Job Overview

Required Skills

  • Auth0
  • IAM
  • OKTA
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Azure

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Atlanta, GA

Job Description

Technical / Functional Skills

  • IAM Core is the Engineering Domain that takes care of the core of the Auth0 application: the authentication pipeline, the protocols, the sessions, anomaly detection and customer security detection and response mechanisms.
  • The Core Pipeline team is explicitly in charge of the Auth0 Authentication Pipeline
  • Work with NodeJS (JavaScript or Typescript), a hint of Go and MongoDB or PostgreSQL databases. For the services which are running on AWS and Azure.
  • As a UI Engineer, your main responsibility is for the production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s user interfaces
  • This involves working closely with designers, to turn their static designs into working browser-based web pages and server-side developers to implement their server-side code to develop complex, interactive and database driven websites
  • Participate on cross-team initiatives from end to end: code reviews, design reviews, operational robustness, etc.
  • Design and implementation of security solutions using SSO, ADFS, Okta, Auth0 or similar IAM solutions across the network.
  • Design enterprise and systems security throughout the development life cycle; translate technology and environmental conditions into security designs and processes.
  • Design and develop security requirements that mitigates risk while maintaining operational capability.
  • Verify architecture against program requirements and goals. This includes participating in technical discussions, trade studies and working groups, and conducting research on industry best practices for potential implementation.
  • Interface with program managers to explain security goals and mitigations relative to their priorities of cost and schedule.
  • Evaluate and plan compute, network, storage, and integrations of distributed applications on Cloud using custom applications, IaaS, DBaaS, PaaS services and COTS packages.
  • Strong understanding of features and capabilities of Cloud Platform (Security, Firewalls, Redis Cache, Key Vault, Service Bus, Kafka/EventHub, ASR, Networking, OMS, Blob Storage, ADLS, Resource Groups, NSG, Application Insights, SQL Server, SQL DB, Load-Balancers).
  • Contribute to documentation (instructional, pitch and technical specification)
  • Maintain a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly regarding accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies, and keep team members informed as appropriate, with a view to incorporate these in future projects, staying ahead of the market, and position yourself and the company as a digital specialist
  • collaborate with Product, Security, and Engineering teams to define and continually improve Auth0’s technology stack and architecture.
  • Develop and drive the implementation of a platform architecture that supports Engineering’s goals and deliverables, through strategy, design, requirements, and code.
  • Embed closely with Platform Engineering teams across the organization for large projects while providing guidance and lighter touch engagements for smaller initiatives.
  • Design, architect, and document large scale distributed systems.
  • Implement features across different teams using technologies such as AWS, Azure, Node.js, Go, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes.
  • Design and implementation of security solutions using SSO, ADFS, Okta, Auth0 or similar IAM solutions across the network.
  • Design and implementation of Event based architectures such as Kafka, Azure Event Hub or similar solutions.
  • Design and implement data pipelines and workflows using ADF, NiFi, AirFlow, Logic Apps, or similar orchestration services.
  • Design and implementation of Microservices, APIs and message-based integration solutions.
  • Drive architecture, roadmap and technical discussion to lead cloud security, privacy, and compliance (such as GDPR), scale, performance, agility, HA/DR considerations.
  • Configure and manage cloud environments of distributed applications and middleware.
  • Drive technical decision making while striving to hit the right balance between factors such as simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and performance

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