AI Software Engineer

  • Salary

    $65 Per Hour


6 to 12 Years

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Jan 25, 2024


Neshent Tech

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Job Overview

Required Skills

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS / GCP
  • Langchain / LLamaCPP / LLM
  • Natural Language Processing / NLP
  • Python / Java / Scala / Cypher

Job Type

Contract - W2

Work Authorization



Princeton, NJ

Job Description

Job Description

  • 3+ years relevant industry experience in deploying database engineering solutions
  • Bachelors or Masters in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or relevant statistical discipline 
  • Knowledge of distributed database systems
  • Familiarity with machine learning and AI concepts related to vector data
  • Experience with cloud-based database solutions especially in Azure but similar experience with AWS or Google is welcomed
  • Experience in Azure DevOps & Azure Cloud Services (e.g. Azure Blob, Azure Key Vault, Azure Data Factory) or similar experience with AWS or Google
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing graph databases, knowledge graph with a focus on NebulaGraph or other like Neo4J/TigerGraph etc. for knowledge graph applications
  • Strong proficiency in database optimization, performance tuning, and query languages
  • Familiarity with graph algorithms and data modeling for knowledge graphs
  • Experience with LLM and other related frameworks like Langchain, LLamaCPP etc
  • Extensive programming experience with relevant programming languages, such as Python, Java, Scala or Cypher
  • Foundational understanding in any of the following: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning or Deep Learning
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines, Automated Testing, Automated Deployments, Agile methodologies, Unit Testing and Integration Testing tools
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a collaborative team environment
  • Excellent communication skills

Job ID: NT240030

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    Michelle Williams


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Neshent Technologies

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Jan 25, 2024

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